FIX Anti-Aging Drink Packaging Details

by markem on September 24, 2012

As a world-wide leader in coding and marking systems, we at Markem-Imaje are constantly amazed at the creative and innovative ideas that manufacturers come up with. Now, a new FIX line of beverages offered by Fix Brands, Inc. out of Walnut Creek, CA has developed a fruit flavored drink that’s not only crisp tasting, but clinically proven to help the human body generate collagen, essential for slowing down the aging process.

According to John Nunziato, creative director for Little Big Brands who developed the look for FIX, the drink is a balance of “technology and taste”. Another benefit consumers will like is that the drink has zero calories, perfect for those who are watching their weight. The FIX product launched in June across the nation, and is the first drink to contain choline-stabilized orthosilicic acid which is a compound that assists the body in generating collagen. Choline-stabilized orthosilicic acid (ch-OSA) has been shown in clinical trials to increase skins elasticity by 87%, reduce wrinkles by 30% and make hair 13% stronger and thicker.

The exterior design of the product is meant to be appealing in both a beverage and beauty context. FIX 16 oz. bottles are decorated with a shrink-sleeve label that emphasizes both the fruity flavor appeal, and the clinical or “health” aspects of the product. Copy on the drinks make them further appealing to those who want healthier, younger looking hair, skin and nails. The bottles also proclaim their “youth activating” properties.

We understand the importance of design, color scheme, copy, images and materials used in packaging to attract attention and interest of consumers. Visual appeal is a huge part of the process of grabbing attention, and enticing consumers to buy. The new FIX is sure to be hugely successful, and will no doubt begin a new revolution in anti-aging products.

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